IT Support


IT is an indispensable component of modern business infrastructure, and is instrumental in boosting the productivity and efficiency of businesses. At Lusail Media, we provide a wide range of IT support services in Qatar for a variety of industries ranging from industrial and commercial establishments to medium and large scale businesses. We have an expert team of IT technicians and support staff who will deliver outstanding service to our clients across Qatar.

Some of our essential services include implementing and maintaining networks and systems, and providing annual maintenance and support contracts to our clients. We also provide customized IT services, both short and long term, conforming to the specific requirements of our customers.

The main advantages of our IT support service include -

  • Business specific solutions
  • Fixed price contract
  • Onsite support
  • 24/7 online support
  • Budget friendly

When a client approaches us for an IT solution, we will study the requirements in detail and analyse different possibilities of solutions – with all the pros and cons. Once the situation has been clearly studied, the most feasible solution will be identified, and will be proposed to the client. We will follow the recognized and standard practices prevalent in the industry, and adopt the latest technologies to ensure unmatched quality and efficiency.

Apart from providing end user solutions, we also provide the best IT infrastructure management available in Qatar and if any issues come, our dedicated customer support will see to that the issues will be resolved in the minimum amount of time possible. Also, all our solutions will be set up in such a manner that no considerable long term maintenance will be required, because major changes to the infrastructure may turn out to be an unnecessary expense for businesses.